Supporting smart services

Endorsed by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs)

Smart services

In the current digital era, the 'App Store' model of online purchase and instant delivery has driven a revolution in our approach to services. The EPIC Service Catalogue provides the cornerstone for delivering and managing Smart City services. The Service Catalogue is able to search the EPIC platform for available services/applications and to gather available information on the services for publishing purposes. For your city, the service catalogue is the starting point for you to use our existing services and develop new ones. To find out more about the current services offered by EPIC, check out the sub-tabs of this page. 

For more information on the services, you can access key documents D5.3 Adaption Rules and Criteria for EPIC ScenarioD7.3 Pilot Evaluation Report and D8.3 Proof of Concept Results. For further background information, please see D7.1 Pilot Operations Plan and D7.2 Report of 3 pilots. The EPIC Smart City Services & Living Labs - White Paper can be accessed here.


 EPIC is supported and partly funded by the European Commission